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This is the first chapter in the Heaven's Design Team manga series.


It all started when God got a bit too lazy to create animals. So, he outsourced the project instead of the Heavenly Creative Agency's Design Department, where the animals are made.

It's Shimoda's, a rookie angel, first day, and he'll be the acting liaison between the Design Department and God. Typical, Shimoda is a bit nervous, seeing that it's his first day.

Ueda explains to Shimoda the Design Department's role in the creation of animals. She and Shimoda go inside a conference room to take part in the meeting.

One of the first projects is to create an animal that can eat leaves high up off the ground. Tsuchiya comes up with a Pegasus, much to the dismay of the rest of the team. Nevertheless, they start talking about the next proposal; however, each one comes with animals similar to their original masterpieces.

So, they send all their proposals to the engineering team to see if it will work. Just before Ueda and Shimoda reach the Engineering Department, Higuchi opens the door. She's mad that Tsuchiya still wants to push the Pegasus idea, even though it won't work. Not only that, Higuchi rejects all the Design department's ideas. So, Higuchi went ahead and built an animal with all their features, but it was also a failure.

Shimoda comes with the idea to combine the best features of all the proposals. Higuchi enters her laboratory and starts working. With a few tweaks, the teams come up with a new animal, the giraffe.