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This is the second chapter in the Heaven's Design Team manga series.


Mizushima makes a big speech about a new creature that will change everything, a horse without legs and one hole, the snake. But the rest of the team don't like it; consequently, a massive debate starts between the members; Mizushima and Kanamori. They both argue about the pros and cons of snakes and birds, Kanamori's specialty.

Shimoda walks into a debacle. He and Kimura come up with the idea of eggs hatching early when they sense a snake. However, there are a few flaws with that idea.

Later in the day, Shimoda informs Kimura that his frog idea has been approved, much to his surprise. Kanamori walks in and demands that her colleague come with a defense mechanism against snakes. They finally come with an idea. They'll update the weaverbird's nest to be a hanging nest type that gets approved.

A few days later, the team witnesses how the snake and bird have upgraded their defense mechanism to the extreme. Consequently, Kanamori comes with a new type of bird, the secretary bird, that hunts snakes. To Misuzhima dismay, it gets approved.