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This is the third chapter in the Heaven's Design Team manga series.


Kimura, Kanamori, and Shimoda scream in fear when a giant bug flies into the room. Thankfully, Ueda catches it with her bare hands.

Ueda brings Shimoda to the Insect Department to introduce her to the team, which all look alike. The pair goes back to the original office when they spot Kanamori, scared for the poison dart frog, which she touched.

Luckily, Meido calms her nerves and tells her that the frog doesn't have any poison yet. The team keeps talking about the frog. But the conversation takes a turn when Meido reveals the frogs eat their own eggs.

Ueda walks in and informs the team that they have a new request from a Client. However, it's a bit vague. A few days later, Shimoda asks the team about the project's status. Meido explains the creature's morbid features. Shimoda comes with a plan to collaborate with the Insect Department and Meido. They come with a new creature, the horsehair worm, and gets approved.

The project inspires Meido to develop a new creature, a koala, that also gets approved. In the meantime, Meido and Kanamori work on a new project, the pitohui.