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This is the fourth chapter in the Heaven's Design Team manga series.


Kimura wants to eat something tasty. Shimoda volunteers to make a batch of fluffy angelic creampuffs. Unabara is surprised that Shimoda can bake. However, the conversation is quickly interrupted when Kimura points out that he wants to eat a tasty animal. The revelation shocks the rookie angel. Unabara already can guess what they will go through with Kimura's bad habit.

Unabara tries to hide his project from Kimura, who wants to try to sneak a taste. Higuchi walks in with the former's prototype, and Kimura's eyes widen, dying to want a piece. Higuchi and Kimura go on to explain all the different animals that taste good and bad.

Unabara quickly makes a design change to its prototype. Now the animal has a layer of defense against predators.

The crew descends to Trial Island to test how the animal will do on different conditions and terrains. However, instead of focusing on the tests, Kimura and Higuchi whip out sausages to eat. The duo starts talking about other animals and how they taste, much to Unabara's consternation. Out of nowhere, a giant creature appears and stumps on Kimura, instantly killing him.

Back in the office, Shimoda runs into Kimura. The former explains that they've come with new design ideas for Unabara's animals, and they've all been approved.