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Heaven's Design Team (天地創造デザイン部, Tenchisōzō dezain-bu) is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same name by Hebi-Zou, Tsuta Suzuki and Tarako. The anime will premier in 2021 and is directed by Souichi Masui at Asahi Productions.


In Heaven's Animal Design Department, designers create a variety of new animals daily while contending with the unreasonable requests of their client: God. Funny, interesting, and full of useful information, this series answers questions such as, "Why can't unicorns exist?", "What makes an animal taste delicious?", "What's the most powerful creature in the ocean?", and, "Bird versus snake: who would win?"


  • Direction: Souichi Masui
  • Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
  • Character Design: Sachiko Oohashi
  • Music: Hayato Matsuo
  • Animation Work: Asahi Production



# Title Air Date (Japanese)
01 Episode 1 TBA 2021
02 Episode 2 TBA 2021
03 Episode 3 TBA 2021
04 Episode 4 TBA 2021


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