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Meido (冥戸, Meido) or Pluto is a character in Heaven's Design Team. Meido is a designer at the Design Department. Her masterpiece is the poisonous frog.


Meido has a very unique, bright, punk-rock Lolita look. She wears a mint green Lolita dress with a skull and hat on her chest. The dress also has a pink and black bow at the waist area and has black trims on the hems. The skirt is noticeably poofy thanks to a series of black petticoats underneath. Meido wears her pink hair in two large ponytails secured by some green and black bows. She completes her look with black thigh-high stockings and black combat boots.

She uses a pen with an eyeball on top, and often carries around an anomalocarid.


The young girl has a fascination with regarding everything morbid. Like her clothing illustrates, she's into dark things and her ghoulish tendencies come out in her creatures, from cannibalism to poison.


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