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Unabara (海原, Unabara) or Neptune is a character in Heaven's Design Team. Unabara is a designer at the Design Department. His masterpiece is the kangaroo.


Unabara is the tallest of the group, with a muscular build and soft facial features. He has hazel eyes, long brown hair that reaches the center of his back, and a short goatee. His typical outfit is comprised of a yellow button-down shirt, black tie, pink sweater vest, pleated blue slacks, and brown loafers. On his upper arms, he wears a pair of black sleeve garters.


Despite his masculine appearance, Unabara is typically the most gentle and soft of the designers. He favors cute and fluffy animal designs and is often distressed by the idea of them being in any sort of danger or discomfort. Like Meido, he usually carries a small stuffed animal, his being a stylized, pale pink bunny. He has a tense relationship with Kimura, who enjoys taste-testing his designs.


Although Unabara’s design for the rabbit doesn’t appear until S01E12, when the team collaborates on a messenger for Hell, his stuffed rabbit is with him from the first time we meet the team.


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